Native JourneyWoman

Native Women's Journey to Wellness

Health and Wellness publications and resources for Native Women by Native Women.

Who JourneyWoman Is...

She is stories shared by Native Women for Native Women on health, wellness and their healing journey.

She gives to courage to a Native Elder breast cancer survivor to return for a screening mammogram.  

She is an Urban Indian Women’s support group in
Oakland, California

She is guidance for Tribal and Urban Indian substance abuse
program groups in the Northwest

She educates Native Alaska teens in one of the villages
about becoming a woman

She guides a Native Women's Talking Group in Boston, MA.

She teaches Native women about the importance of
cancer screening in Portland, Oregon

She informs Native Women of the dangers of meth
and prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma

She shares her personal stories and ideas with Native Women
going through the change of life

She gives comfort and strength to a Native Woman
in an abusive relationship

She holds the stories, wisdom, pain and healing of every
Native Woman....


What Native JourneyWoman Is...

JourneyWoman is the result of work, talent, gifts and guidance by Native Women.  She is the voices of the past ~ the wisdom of the ground we walk on.  JourneyWoman is within each one of us, it may have been lost, but one only has to seek and listen.  This work has come to life in a set of culturally tailored wellness guides, a curriculum ("Talking Guides") used by peer educators for Native Women's Circles and a sisterhood of Native authors, artists, readers and women who share these stories of wellness and healing.

As women, we know that we get much of our wellness information from sisters, grandmothers, mothers and daughters, between friends and sometimes from a trusted auntie.  The power of healing is within each of us.  JourneyWoman is a conduit for the strength and power of all Native Women to guide us on the right path on our journey to wellness.  

Our Vision

To honor, listen and give voice to the wisdom of Native wellness, resulting in healthy individuals, families and communities, thus ensuring a pathway to healing for all

Our Mission

Celebrating and respecting the wisdom of Native Women through their healing and wellness journey

Our Purpose

The purpose of Native JourneyWoman Inc. is to work towards lessening the disparities in health of American Indian and Alaska Natives through:

·       development and dissemination of culturally tailored health and wellness publications and resources at appropriate health literacy levels

·       providing technical assistance in building Tribal and Urban Indian wellness programs

·       developing and instituting the JourneyWoman "Talking Group" Program and Curriculum

·       supporting and facilitating Native JourneyWoman trainings and appropriate gatherings

·       networking Native communities who have used or would like to use the publications and resources; or would like to contribute to future publications or resources


Our Health Education Materials


JourneyWoman Wellness Books

JourneyWoman, a Native Women’s Guide to Wellness, was released by the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) Women’s Wellness Program in the Spring of 2008. Since then it has been reprinted manual to meet demand; over 15,000 copies have been distributed nationwide.  JourneyWoman readers have told us this book is being read cover to cover by many women, shared with daughters and sisters, used in women’s talking circles and a number of wellness classes.

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JourneyWoman Talking Guide Kit

JourneyWoman Volume 1 and 2 and two sets of companion Talking Circle Guides (covering over 20 topics each) make up this complete curriculum.  Each 4-page card-like guide ...


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The set comes packaged in a beautiful red cedar box for easy, attractive storage.

Breast Self-Awareness Card

Hanging cards with instructions on breast wellness and self exams.

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Native JourneyWoman

Native JourneyWoman is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded and guided by Native women. All donations and proceeds received by Native JourneyWoman are used to fund printing, shipping and product development.

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