JourneyWoman Volume 1

JourneyWoman, Volume 1 has 376 full-color pages with hundreds of easy to understand illustrations. Topics include women's reproductive health, women and heart disease, diabetes, cervical cancer, breast cancer and ....

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$20 each*

JourneyWoman Volume 2

JourneyWoman, Volume 2 has additional wellness topics suggested by readers who told us they wanted more. There are 398 pages and, like Volume 1, is filled with hundreds of full color illustrations. Topics are divided into four sections under Healing the Body, Healing the Mind, Healing the Spirit and....

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$20 each*

JourneyWoman Curriculum

JourneyWoman Volume 1 and 2 and two sets of companion Talking Circle Guides (covering over 20 topics each) make up this complete curriculum. Each 4-page card-like guide is filled with relevant activity ideas, presentation suggestions and a short glossary called "Words To Know." The intention is to provide guidance for a Primary Leader to start women’s community healing circles and to come together for a united purpose of healing in their communities.

The set comes packaged in a beautiful red cedar box for easy, attractive storage.

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$100 for the set*

Breast Self-Awareness Cards

Doorknob hanging cards have instructions on breast wellness and self exams.

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